Inner Harmony Wellness Center's Holistic Treatment For Insomnia

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Insomnia is the inability to go to sleep or stay asleep, which can negatively impact daily functioning. Since chronic lack of sleep may be linked to a number of health problems like diabetes, high blood pressure, and depression, it is imperative to take positive steps to address your insomnia. At IHWC, we take an integrative approach to resolving insomnia that is based on wellness and mind-body medicine.

Holistic Remedies For Insomnia

  • Melatonin:

Melatonin is a naturally occurring hormone that regulates the sleep-wake cycle in the brain. It is formed from serotonin when exposure to light decreases at night. It is basically used when sleep is disordered due to a number of things, including aging and affective disorders. The supplementation of melatonin has been shown to improve sleep quality and morning alertness.

  • Exposure to light:

Light therapy is a part of a good sleep treatment plan. If you are having trouble falling asleep at night, you might need more light in the morning. Exposure to light plays a vital role in signaling the body when to go to sleep because it increases the production of melatonin.

  • Meditation and relaxation techniques:

If you practice meditation daily, you can improve your sleep cycle by slowly breathing and reducing stress hormone levels. Meditation enhances the relaxation of the body, awareness, and calmness of mind.

  • Yoga:

Yoga can help if you suffer from insomnia through relaxation, breathing exercises, and uniting mind, body, and spirit.

Start Your Journey to Freedom Now

If you want to learn more about an individualized holistic treatment plan for insomnia, please reach out to the Inner Harmony Wellness Center. Our comprehensive wellness plan includes a detox plan and immune-boosting, both of which can impact your sleep quality. Go ahead and book a free consultation with Dr. Peter today.

About Inner Harmony Wellness Center

Inner Harmony Wellness Center provides a comprehensive and custom holistic assessment and treatment plan that goes beyond mainstream medicine to help you heal. We don't use pharmaceuticals to mask your symptoms merely. Instead, we utilize mind-body medicine and your symptomology as clues to get at your disease's root cause and treat it at the cellular level. We use numerous modalities and energy medicines, such as applied kinesiology and biofeedback, to identify imbalances and areas needing healing. Our mind-body approach to wellness includes treatment modalities like nutraceuticals, education, and coaching. All these approaches assist you in achieving lifelong wellness and anti-aging. We use a 5-step process that includes:

1) Restoring an Alkaline Body
Maintaining a slightly Alkaline pH is key to preventing disease.
2) Eliminating Infections
Support for digestion and a strong and healthy immune system.
3) Detoxifying the Body
The environment has more toxins than ever. Thus, detoxifying one organ at a time is essential for long-term health.
4) Balancing Body Hormones
The regulatory balance of the body's natural hormones is critical.
5) Rejuvenation and Anti-Aging
All of the above steps form the anti-aging process

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