Interested in a Holistic Treatment for Depression and Anxiety?

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Depression and Anxiety are becoming increasingly prevalent as a sign of the current times. Stress levels due to the current pandemic and other daily pressures such as balancing work and parenting for example can take a significant toll on your mental and physical health and wellness. Fortunately, our natural holistic treatment for Anxiety and Depression can help you to heal and get back to feeling great and doing the things that you love. Let’s take a closer look at Depression and Anxiety.

We start by defining these two medical conditions. Depression makes people feel discouraged, unhappy, hopeless, unmotivated, and uninterested in life for more than two weeks. Anxiety is a feeling of fear, uneasiness, or worry that sometimes causes a fast heart rate, rapid breathing, or sweating.

Holistic Treatments for Depression and Anxiety

Conventional medical therapies involve suppressing symptoms instead of promoting wellness by getting at the root of the problem. Inner Harmony Wellness Center takes a whole-person approach to treating Depression and Anxiety, through working with the individual’s mind-body, emotional, and spiritual state. We also work with the whole person’s lifestyle choices and wellness. The natural treatment encompasses:

  • Exercise

It is one of the best ways to burn off anxious energy and lift a depressed mood through the natural release of endorphins.

  • Meditation

Meditation helps slow down the racing thoughts or monkey mind by promoting inner harmony and balance. We teach various mediation styles like mindfulness, yoga, and transcendental meditation.

  • Relaxation Exercises

Most people unknowingly tense the muscles and clench the jaw in response to Anxiety. Yoga and progressive exercises related to relaxation can be very therapeutic.

  • Aromatherapy

Aromatherapy is a great way to treat Depression and Anxiety. We recommend a relaxing and enjoyable program based on your individual needs.

  • Herbal Teas

Many herbal teas are therapeutic for anxiety and depression. Again, we can guide you in what might work best for you.

  • Applied Kinesiology

We use muscle strength testing to identify internal imbalances and then work with neutraceuticals to restore health and vitality.

  • Biofeedback

We use advanced biofeedback to also isolate and treat energetic imbalances in the subtle body. Clients report a huge surge of positive energy and wellness once blockages are removed.

Start Your Journey to Wellness Today

At Inner Harmony Wellness Center, we discuss nutritional support and lifestyle improvements. Our breathing techniques and ways to detox help you resolve Depression and Anxiety for good. Call us today at 570-319-6073 or click here to schedule a free 30-minute consultation. We guarantee results!

About Inner Harmony Wellness Center

Inner Harmony Wellness Center provides a comprehensive and custom holistic assessment and treatment plan that goes beyond mainstream medicine to help you heal. We don’t use pharmaceuticals to merely mask your symptoms. Instead, we utilize mind-body medicine and your symptomology as clues to get at your disease’s root cause and treat it at the cellular level. We use numerous modalities and energy medicines, such as applied kinesiology and biofeedback, to identify imbalances and areas needing healing. Our mind-body approach to wellness includes treatment modalities like nutraceuticals, education, and coaching. All these approaches assist you in achieving lifelong wellness and anti-aging.

Our 5-step process includes:

1) Restoring an Alkaline Body
Maintaining a slightly Alkaline pH is key to preventing disease.
2) Eliminating Infections
Support for digestion and a strong and healthy immune system.
3) Detoxifying the Body
The environment has more toxins than ever. Thus, detoxifying one organ at a time is essential for long-term health.
4) Balancing Body Hormones
Regulatory balance of the body’s natural hormones is critical.
5) Rejuvenation and Anti-Aging
All of the above steps contribute to the wellness and anti-aging process.

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