The Importance of Retreats

Last Updated 12/16/2021

There are a broad range of types of retreats, but most people will first visualize going away to somewhere quiet and secluded when they hear ‘retreat’. This can be the case but there are also some very active retreats with interaction with others, and physical activities like hiking or exploring a nearby town/landmark. Some popular types of retreats are yoga retreats, meditation retreats, religious retreats, company retreats, and spiritual retreats. Whichever retreat you decide to go on, there are great benefits to integrating these into your life. Here we will tell you 5 reasons why going on a retreat once in a while is beneficial to your life.

1. Changes Your Routine

Retreats are a great way to get away from your usual routine. They usually will have you take a step back from technology and will not have a strict agenda. For example, you might start with an optional yoga or meditation in the morning, followed by a light breakfast with others, break/rest time, a class or session, discussion, lunch, and followed by another activity and free time at night. A retreat is not meant to make you feel exhausted or stressed, and it will be a nice change from your normal routine.

2. Gets Your Inspired!

With new surroundings, new people, and new ways of thinking and looking at life, there is no doubt you will get inspired. Retreats will usually respark that fire inside, and get you excited about life!

3. Will Help You Get Connected With Your Self

Since most retreats have you disconnect from technology, this will allow you to really connect with your own thoughts, feelings, and inner self. Hopefully you will experience a setting with little to no distractions so you can have that time to really focus on you, inside and out.

4. You Will Learn Something New

You will without a doubt leave your retreat, no matter what the topic, with some new knowledge. Whether it’s a new physical or mental exercise, a new healthy recips, a tip on living a healthier lifestyle, or just a new way to go about your day…you will definitely leave your retreat with new knowledge you will most likely want to share.

5. You Will Leave Feeling Recharged

You will leave inspired, connected with yourself, and these will having you feeling recharged! Are you tired of your normal routine at work? Are you feel less and less inspired in your daily life? Are you bored with your surroundings? Retreats will get you out of your comfort zone, with new surroundings, new knowledge, and this will have you feeling like a new person! We hope this inspires you to go on a retreat of your liking this year. Stay tuned for retreat opportunities with Harmony Mountain and Inner Harmony Wellness Centers. Namaste.

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