What kind of yoga is taught at Inner Harmony? Where are its roots?

Inner Harmony teaches a combination of hatha, raja, and bhakti yoga. Hatha is another word for postures and breathing.  Raja refers to inward focus and meditative awareness.  Bhaki means love and sense of internal devotion.

Where will I be able to teach after I am certified as a 200hr yoga teacher?

 Anywhere!  The inner harmony 200 hour program develops you as a certified yoga instructor.  

Is this school aligned with The Yoga Alliance?

  Yes.  Inner harmony is accredited with the yoga alliance and our program follows all of thr guidelines required with their certification. 

How long are class days? How long is each lecture?

  In an effort to accommodate most peoples schedule, class will meet one weekend day and occasionally on a Friday evening.  Class days will run 8 to 10 hours with conventional meal breaks.  The certification course will run January through May.

Are there required textbooks, and if so does the school provide them or do I have to buy my supplies?

  Yes there will be required reading, books will be offered through the school at an extra charge.  

Do you have living accommodations for when classes meet?

  No, housing is not offered through Inner Harmony.

Who are the teachers who are teaching? Are they certified through Yoga Alliance?

Leading the course will be Inner Harmony founder, Peter Amato E-RYT 500, who is certified through the Yoga Alliance.  Other instructor involved would also have their certification through Inner Harmony and the Yoga Alliance.

What will we be learning in school? Do we practice yoga daily, if so what kind of clothes should I wear?

Practicing yoga on a daily basis is extremely encouraged and essential to your development in the program.  Days of class we will be practicing yoga as a group and comfortable clothing is encouraged.  We will explore techniques and practices as well as methodology and teaching styles.  Yoga philosophy, ethics, physiology and anatomy will also be covered.  

How will this program benefit my life even if i do not decide to become a teacher?

  The 200 hour yoga certification program can be a life changing experience.  The rewards of educating others and instructing your own classes afterwards can be a very fulfilling career for many people.  If you choose not to become a teacher you will still have enriched your own life with mindful consciousness, and a better awareness of the benefits of yoga.

What are the benefits of yoga?

The benefits of yoga are endless!  It increases flexibility and lubrication of the joints, ligaments, and tendons, while also massaging the organs of the body. This aids in optimum blood supply to various parts of the body and ultimately rids our body of toxins.  Yoga reduces stress, and helps you focus.  It can also be a good form of toning for your muscles.

How is this school different from other yoga teacher training programs?

 The Inner Harmony Yoga Institute brings two decades of experience, world travel and education with masters of the field.  We offer small classes and individual attention with strong emphasis on meditation in the calming St Maarten environment.  Along with yoga Inner Harmony emphasis the importance of energy, anatomy and nutrition.

How much does the program cost? Is there a payment plan option? Scholarships?

The 200 hour certification over 5 months is $2500.00.  Although there are no scholarships available we do offer monthly  payment plans.  Once enrolled in the program the trainee is committed to the full payment of $2500, if choosing to not complete the requirements of the program they will still be required to pay the full amount.