IH Yoga

If you are looking for regular Yoga classes, please check out the Inner Harmony Wellness Center's Yoga classes held in the Inner Harmony Yoga Studio at Uno Fitness Center in Scranton, PA.  If you are looking to become a yoga teacher, transform your life, cultivate inner harmony, and create a profitable career doing something you love, then the Inner Harmony Yoga Institute is the place for you. The Inner Harmony Yoga Teacher Certification Training and Home Study Program exceeds the Yoga Alliance requirements for non-contact hours in the 200 hour certification program.  This program will be available both in Scranton and online.

Recruiting Participants for a Doctoral Research Study

We are looking for volunteers for a research study to explore how yoga, pranayama and meditation impact spiritual development and physical health. The study will be conducted in 2013.  Participation in the study will earn you multiple certifications for FREE!  Tuition for these certifications would normally be more than $7000!

Participants in the study will:

If you are interested in potentially participating in this study and would like to receive more information as the details are finalized, please contact us and provide the following information:

  • Name
  • Email Addess 
  • Phone Number
  • Mailing Address