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Chiropractic care is the heart of functional medicine.  Chiropractic spinal manipulation restores and maintains optimal function.  This allows your body to operate at its highest level of function.  The effectiveness of chiropractic is well documented and supported by many professional athletes as well as many athletic team franchises. 

Therefore I wanted to call your attention to the many documented studies done by medical research and government agencies that support effectiveness and cost saving benefits of spinal manipulation.  These reports and studies should be used by healthcare decision makers, insurance companies, and most of all by prospective patients to determine appropriate use of chiropractic services.

When you are considering the effective use of chiropractic to treat the following conditions your primary care provider (PCP) should support a trial of chiropractic before recommending less effective and more costly procedures.

  1. Acute and chronic low back pain
  2. Acute and chronic neck pains
  3. Cervicogenic headaches, (they start in your neck at the base of the skull)
  4. Migraine headaches.  It has been my experience that a high percentage of “migraines” respond well to chiropractic manipulation.  The only headaches that I found that do not respond well are “cluster” headaches and should not be considered a treatable chiropractic condition.
  5. Whiplash injury or any other spine related pain sustained in a motor vehicle accident
  6. Any spine pain condition related o a work injury.  ie: low back pain, mid back pain, neck pain, etc.
  7. Cervico-brachial syndrome, (pain and stiffness in the upper back and lower neck that radiates into the shoulder, arm, and/or hand with tingling and or “pins and needles”.  I have found that this condition responds extremely well to m brand of chiropractic.
  8. Carpal tunnel syndrome.
  9. Tempro-mandibular joint (TMJ) dysfunction.
  10. 10. Osteoarthritis, by restoring joint function and stability Chiropractic manipulation can alleviate the pain and stiffness associated with osteoarthritis.

Although there is no research data to report, my observations over 38+ years as a healthcare provider in NEPA, these are my conclusions.  There is an abundance of anecdotal experiences to justify the use of chiropractic treatment for various visceral conditions ranging from sinusitis, GERD, and gastritis, etc.  This treatment is not intended to replace medical treatment, but rather to compliment it and strengthen your body’s immune response when dealing with these conditions.  It enhances results to optimize your healthcare experience.

In conclusion I hope this article help you to understand my thought son how chiropractic should be utilized.  I also hope that it educated you concerning your decision making process regarding your healthcare.  Chiropractic is not the end all solution but can treat many conditions you may have not been aware of before reading this article.

I have included links to several research studies and articles that may clarify your curiosity even further.  Please see some of the links below for further reading on this topic:

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