Surgery Treatments

Take preventive measures to reduce complications from surgery, improve recovery time and length of a hospital stay by using integrative pre-operative and post-operative therapies.

Inner Harmony offers patients complementary modalities to prepare for and recovery from surgical procedures including:

    - Acupuncture
    - Behavioral and Wellness Counselling
    - Breathing Techniques
    - Meditation Techniques
    - Guided Imagery
    - Self-Hypnosis Techniques
    - Massage Therapy (including Foot & Hand Massage)
    - Reiki

Benefits of such complementary treatments prior to surgery include:

    - Reduced pre-surgical stress & anxiety
    - Improved heart rate
    - Reduced blood pressure
    - Improved immunity
    - Greater patient confidence
    - Improved morale of patient and support system

Benefits of complementary treatments after surgery include:

     - Less blood loss during surgery
    - Reduced postoperative pain
    - Reduced requirements for excessive pain medication
    - Reduced side effects due to lessened use of pain medications
    - Reduced nausea and vomiting
    - Increased mobility
    - Decreased swelling
    - Improved tissue drainage and lymph flow
    - Improved wound healing time
    - Recovery of bowel function
    - Reduced insomnia
    - Improved postoperative quality of life