Mind-Body Counseling

Are you feeling slightly dissatisfied, anxious or depressed?

Let Inner Harmony Wellness Center'sdepression, anxiety, eating disorders, weight management, low self-esteem, negative thoughts and general dissatisfaction in life. Professionals help you understand the root of your distress and suggest positive behavioral practices that can promote health and wellness. Wellness counselling can help patients take control of Wellness techniques offered include: stress reduction and/or pain management techniques, assertiveness training and other methods to promote wellness of the mind, body and spirit.

Inner Harmony's wellness programs include:

    - Anxiety Support Group
    - Alzheimer's Caregivers Support Group
    - Depression Support Group
    - End Emotional Eating and Lose Weight! Program
    - Inner Harmony Approach to Optimum Health Group
    - Integrative Freedom from Smoking Program
    - Stress Reduction Clinic