Peter Amato

It depends who you ask.  As a native of Northeastern Pennsylvania, Peter Amato was best known in his earlier years as one of the family members that owned and operated the A & A Auto Store chains. He and his siblings founded Keystone Automotive, a global automotive distribution company that created wealth for the family when it was sold. But Amato goes beyond the title of an astute business tycoon. The real Peter Amato represents a pioneer and catalyst for a growing movement aimed at incorporating spiritual enlightenment into the everyday lives of people. He is a man on a vibrant mission.

 Amato's personal pilgrimage began finding answers to the questions, "Who am I?" and "Why am I here?" Those answers set the stage for Amato's life work, work that reflects a paradigm shift in areas including health care, education, recovery and business.

 As a pioneer in the field of integrative medicine, Amato founded the Inner Harmony Wellness Center in 1997, a facility that combined conventional medicine with complementary and alternative therapies to offer a holistic, patient-centered health and wellness care. The center offers programs in a wide range of care including, cancer care, cardiovascular health, eating disorders, smoking cessation, weight loss and stress management. 

 The center's projects include studying the impact of integrative modalities on women recovering from cancer. In 2001, Inner Harmony opened a second integrative medicine center in collaboration with Mercy Hospital, Scranton, Pennsylvania. It expects to open a third center in 2006 in the Pocono Mountains.

In addition to promoting holistic clinics for health care, Amato founded the Inner Harmony Group to bring the concepts of integrated balance and harmony into the individual and corporate sector. The group offers individual and corporate wellness programs to small, medium and large businesses.The recovery environment benefits from Amato's efforts, which focus on expanding on the principles of 12-step programs to cultivate a living, conscious contact with a higher power.

Amato's work has dipped into the educational arena where the Inner Harmony Wellness Center continues to deliver a stress reduction program for elementary school children in the Scranton School District. The program's goals target alleviation of stress, increased ability to focus, improved control of impulse, reduced aggression and increased joy in learning.

Finally Amato now offers Inner Harmony Approach workshops to the public, which incorporates spiritual concepts, mindfulness exercises, breathing practices, yoga and meditation to bring people to a higher state of awareness.