Inner Harmony Approach to Soul Silence

The Inner Harmony Approach is designed to deepen and stabilize the participant’s detachment from the underlying belief patterns responsible for their addiction.

Our unique approach takes the recovery process beyond the traditional 12-steps. This Next Step involves an experiential dis-identifying with the self-concepts that led to the addiction in the first place. In the Inner Harmony Approach to Soul Silence workshops, participants experience a deep and stable connection to their “Higher Power.” From this state of being, the individual can surface their unconscious beliefs and break their habitual response patterns.

The program begins with a two-day Level One workshop integrating a new mental framework with breathing techniques, yoga and meditation. Research studies have adequately verified the beneficial impact of these ancient practices on mind, body and spirit. When integrated with a holistic perspective on life’s challenges, these physical and spiritual techniques lead program participants to a state of higher and happier functioning in all areas of their lives. The workshop includes materials and support systems designed to facilitate a regular daily practice, incorporating these techniques, with the intention of deepening and expanding the workshop experience.  This workshop is followed by two advanced retreats, suitable for recovery professionals and people in recovery ready to fully move beyond identification with their addiction to a deeper experience of their true nature.
These workshops are critical relapse prevention tools, which provide the participant with the necessary steps to stay calm and centered in the lives they must return to after a treatment program.  By developing the participants’ capacity to work with the 11th Step in a way that the connection to a higher power is stabilized and experiential, participants learn to manage their reactions in the moment, and use the course manual and meditation CD to return to a more conscious, controlled state .  As an extra measure of relapse prevention, participants are invited to join our international online support community, where a comprehensive social network of other patients and recovery professionals will be on hand 24/7 to assist with virtually any situation someone in early recovery might encounter – workshop participants will never be alone.

These Workshops are appropriate for recovery staff, alumni and clients currently in a recovery program.  Please click here for descriptions, durations and prices for Inner Harmony Approach workshops..

These workshops are offered directly by us, or through recovery centers.  We offer recover centers two ways of working with us:

1.     Joining the Inner Harmony Certification program. This includes one or more of your staff members going through our Teacher Training program, and independently delivering Inner Harmony Level One Trainings at your location.

2.     Entering into an agreement to host and market specific workshops, starting with a two- day Level One workshop.

If you are involved in the leadership of a recovery center, you should know that the pioneering Inner Harmony Approach methodology is quickly becoming the gold standard in relapse prevention, and will enhance your reputation as a center by offering cutting edge recovery techniques. To discuss how our programs can significantly enhance the effectiveness of your recovery programs, and the well-being of your staff members, please contact Inner Harmony Wellness Center at or 570-346-4621.  

Click here to download a pdf of the Inner Harmony Approach brochure.