Our nation's children are in a state of crisis. Sensing the instability of the world around them, they are crying out for help to successfully navigate the maze of life. They are continually bombarded by external stimulation and chaotic situations, through violence, peer pressure, disrespect, and dysfunction. While the enormity of this situation is deeply troubling, hope has emerged through a new program that inspires children to cultivate a sense of inner peace, confidence, and security that is not dependent on people, places, or situations.
The Inner Harmony Approach to Integral Education empowers children to remain centered in the midst of conflict. Through the practice of relaxation and reflection, in and out of the school environment, the program enables a child's authentic self to truly thrive, and not be influenced by the stigmas of personalities and labels. By cultivating a daily practice of mindful breathing, children begin to feel how powerful it is to bring their attention and awareness to the rhythm of their own breath. Remarkably, students and teachers alike are then able to call upon the memory of wholeness instilled by these techniques in any moment of stress or imbalance.
Based on an innovative curriculum pioneered by mindfulness authority Peter Amato, the Inner Harmony Approach:

  • releases stress and tension;
  • increases ability to focus;
  • controls impulses;
  • maximizes enjoyment of learning 
  • reduces aggression.

The Inner Harmony Wellness Center received a federal grant to pilot these workshops in a Scranton, Pennsylvania elementary school.  Teachers reported the following results:

  • 26% increase in students exhibiting good socialization skills
  • 55% increase in students’ ability to retain information and have a good memory.
  • 55% increase in children’s ability to tune out distractions.
  • 46% increase in children attentiveness.
  • 46% increase in student accuracy in their work habits

To discuss how to bring the Inner Harmony Approach to your school or district, please contact Inner Harmony Wellness Center at or 570-346-4621.

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