Success Redefined 

Today’s businesses are suffocating from their misguided perceptions of success. Ironically, corporate milestones in sales and other business deals that are celebrated from the front office to the executive suite are contributing to the slow but certain demise of the conventional organization and its staff. An organization’s profits are permitted to eclipse its people, balance sheets are transcending its being, and focus is more on numbers instead of on its own inner nature.

The Inner Harmony Approach to Extraordinary Leadership inspires a new corporate culture that reconnects business leaders with their passion, joy, and love of work.  Only through deep reflection on a personal values and attitudes can a new management or leadership behavior begin to emerge. From a state of broadening consciousness, new behaviors help to shape a new and refreshing corporate culture that renders extinct those common – yet toxic – elements of disrespect, control, and judgment.

The program is offered as a series of three workshops, customized for the client organization.  A follow-up coaching program enhances the Inner Harmony experience and assists participants in dealing with their specific personal issues. The one-on-one coach assists them in maintaining and deepening their Inner Harmony practice, and in using the Inner Harmony Approach frame to resolve their life issues.

The program, which is provided in both small group and one-on-one formats, creates a new generation of leader along five integrated avenues:


  • Assessment, which includes the process of reality reflections, visioning, goal- setting, action planning, and success measurement
  • Vision, which includes casting sights on the “extraordinary workplace” and building accountability for contributing to it, along with inspiring a new understanding of safety, quality, and productivity
  • Learning, which includes consideration of specific opportunities to produce extraordinary results in the workplace, appreciation of diverse perspectives, and dedicatio includes/js /tiny_mce/themes/advanced/langs/en.js" type="text/javascript"> n to collaboration
  • Support, which includes key concepts for building effective teams, embodying values and principles, and evoking excellence among employees
  • Coaching, which includes leadership observation, feedback, and guidance along the pathway to Inner Harmony


The map for this pathway is each client’s “Foundation of Principles” by which, at the deepest possible level, he or she wants to live their lives. This foundation ultimately becomes the cornerstone of the new organization, upon which future success will be built, measured, and celebrated.

“Corporate success is no longer compromised by humility, surrender, and forgiveness. In today’s business arena, success is now contingent on them.”~Peter Amato

For more information on our corporate programs, please contact Inner Harmony Wellness Center at or 570-346-4621.