We focus on providing our services to clients in the following areas:


The Inner Harmony Approach to Soul Silence is a series of workshops that are critical relapse prevention tools, which provide the participant with the necessary steps to stay calm and centered in the lives they must return to after a treatment program.  By developing the participant’s capacity to work with the 11th Step in a way that the connection to a higher power is stabilized and experiential, participants learn to manage their reactions in the moment, and use the course manual and meditation CD to return to a more conscious, controlled state. These workshops are also offered through Recovery Centers.


The Inner Harmony Approach to Integrated Healthcare offers a way out of this situation to a place of higher performance, improved well-being, less stress, and reduced absenteeism. It does so by enhancing individual capacity to perform effectively and calmly in difficult and high-pressure situations.


The Inner Harmony Approach to Integral Education empowers children to remain centered in the midst of conflict. Through the practice of relaxation and reflection, in and out of the school environment, the program enables a child's authentic self to truly thrive, and not be influenced by the stigmas of personalities and labels. By cultivating a daily practice of mindful breathing, children begin to feel how powerful it is to bring their attention and awareness to the rhythm of their own breath. The Inner Harmony Wellness Center received a federal grant to pilot these workshops in a Scranton, Pennsylvania elementary school.  Teachers reported significant and measurable improvements in student behavior and performance.

Corporate and Non-profit Organizations

The Inner Harmony Approach to Extraordinary Leadership inspires a new corporate culture that reconnects business leaders with their passion, joy, and love of work.  Only through deep reflec tion on a personal values and attitudes can a new management or leadership behavior begin to emerge. From a state of broadening consciousness new behaviors help to shape a new and refreshing corporate culture that renders extinct those common – yet toxic – elements of disrespect, control, and judgment.

Personal Transformation

The Inner Harmony Approach to Personal Transformation provides a unique developmental path for the 21st century, blending ancient practices with contemporary research and spiritual understanding. It’s offered as a series of three workshops, a teacher training course, and a spiritual life coaching program.