Inner Harmony Approach Coaching is offered for individuals exploring spiritual growth and development, and for leaders in organizations looking for ways to become more conscious and transformational leaders. 

Our coaching approach is based on a Subject-Object process, where, through deep inquiry, the client is able to examine and detach from the beliefs and patterns that are constraining them from living and achieving their authentic life purpose.  As they work through these issues, they grow into higher levels of development, and expanded states of consciousness.  The corresponding increase in cognitive, emotional and spiritual capacity empowers them to a bigger vision and greater success in achieving the results they desire.

Spiritual Life Coaching deepens the client’s ability to access expanded states of consciousness, understand their own personality and stage of development, and engage in their lives from a space of greater presence and capacity. 

Spiritual Leadership Coaching is offered to people working in organizations as executives, managers and team leaders.  The coaching process facilitates the development of the client’s capacity to create successful outcomes by transforming people and situations