The Inner Harmony Approach is a process of conscious development and transformation that can be facilitated in multiple ways.  As such, it is offered in group settings as a series of workshops and teacher training; to individuals as personalized coaching, and to organizations as a consulting process, which could include customized workshops and leadership coaching.

Inner Harmony Approach Workshops

  • These are offered as a series of three courses, Levels One through Three, from the introductory two-day Level One to the advanced week long Level Three.
  • Each workshop is adapted to the need of the specific market or client.

Inner Harmony Approach Coaching is offered for individuals exploring spiritual growth and development, and for leaders in organizations looking for ways to become more conscious and transformational leaders. 

  • Spiritual Life Coaching deepens the client’s ability to access expanded states of consciousness, understand their own personality and stage of development, and engage in their lives from a space of greater presence and capacity.
  • Leadership Coaching is offered to people working in organizations as executives, managers and team leaders.  The coaching process facilitates the development of the client’s capacity to create successful outcomes by transforming  people and situations

Inner Harmony Approach Consulting 

The Inner Harmony Approach to Extraordinary Leadership inspires a new corporate culture that reconnects business leaders with their passion, joy, and love of work.  Only through deep reflection on personal values and attitudes can a new management or leadership behavior begin to emerge. From a state of broadening consciousness, new behaviors help to shape a refreshing corporate culture that renders extinct those common – yet toxic – elements of disrespect, control, and judgment.

Inner Harmony Approach Corporate Retreats

Harmony Mountain Spa and Retreat, nestled on the edge of  Northeastern Pennsylania’s Pocono Mountains, with its incredible views can accommodate four to twelve employees for a rewarding and unforgettable corporate retreat  Our plans range from  a minimum of a three day stay to a maximum of seven days.  We offer  exclusive world-class surroundings and a serene environment.