"Now, is the time to cultivate a higher level of consciousness in your organization."-Peter Amato

The Inner Harmony Approach recognizes that humans are integral beings, composed of body, mind and spirit, engaged in a process of growth and development.

We believe that people can make this unconscious evolutionary process conscious and intentional, through understanding how this process unfolds and through ancient and modern practices.

The Inner Harmony Approach realizes that contemporary, spiritual, and psychological research and ancient knowledge and practices can contribute to the deepening of human consciousness. It synthesizes integral theory, and employs developmental models, self-inquiry, yoga and meditation in its methodology.

We are dedicated to assisting our clients in accessing and expressing their spiritual potential, and living in inner and outer harmony both at home and at work.
The Inner Harmony Approach works with individuals and organizations to help: 

  • empower the individual,
  • improve health and well-being,
  • reduce stress and,
  • bring harmony to all systems.