The Inner Harmony Approach is currently a division of the Inner Harmony Wellness Center in Scranton, PA. Peter Amato founded the wellness center in 1997. Currently based in Scranton’s Mercy Hospital, it has long been recognized for its pioneering work in the rapidly expanding field of integrative medicine.

The Inner Harmony Wellness Center has been redesigning the way healthcare and wellness are approached by focusing on a whole person, relationship-based, and patient centered therapeutic partnership. This design provides a unique, comprehensive and integrative approach, combining technology with intuition in a team-based, multi-disciplinary care plan, which includes complementary modalities based on Natural Medicine. The objective is to stimulate the innate healing response from within, addressing the root cause of the disease as well as the symptoms. The approach is to educate the patient on self-care, and teach them how to tap into their self-knowledge as a way to healing and ultimate health.

The unfolding of this model has enabled the Wellness Center to become a laboratory for the future of medicine and well-being. We see wellness as a state of health created before any disease occurs; a state of being that prevents sickness. This is a spiritual, as well as mental and physical process. This insight led to the development of the Inner Harmony Approach, human transformation from the inside-out.

The Inner Harmony Approach was developed to bring the philosophy of integrative medicine to individuals and organizations, which are both in many ways, “unwell” and out of balance. Organizations are unbalanced because the people who lead and manage them are in a state of unbalance and disharmony. People living in a more balanced and harmonious way would naturally create organizational cultures and systems that would support people to reach their optimum potential, performance levels, and personal fulfillment. It is self-evident that organizations staffed by people functioning at their best will be far more effective and successful than those staffed by unhappy people looking for a way out.

Through our programs, organizations will experience a tremendous release of creativity, relationship, and individual potential that will surpass anything they have seen before. The Inner Harmony Approach, like integrative medicine, does not just fix a specific problem, or only relieve particular symptoms. Its integrative process unleashes the full human being, enabling people to access their innate spiritual abilities, and balance and harmonize all aspects of themselves.