Spring Retreats

The Joy of Being:  A Creative Approach To Looking At Your Life   Differently

April 20 - 22

Tailored to the needs of a creative personality, this joy seeking retreat will focus on creating joy and bliss in your everyday life.  Together we will examine ways to look at our lives in a more simple way.  Utilizing the new season as a way to reflect on a new beginning, we will explore creative and artistic forms of self-expression and body movement.  Developing an awareness of all of our senses, we will utilize unique approaches to fight roadblocks that keep us from pleasure in life.  Topics covered will include food for the soul, laugh yoga, and interpersonal processes. 


New Beginnings: Spring Renewal  

May 4 – 6

Utilizing nature and the turn from dark and cold to bright and warm we will embark on an exploration of our mind, body and soul.  Perfect as part of a spring detox, this retreat will teach you about mindful and seasonal eating, nutrition, food preparation, and juicing.  As a shift to clarity we will explore techniques that will leave you feeling lighter, recharged, and excited about your life.  Topics covered will include restorative yoga and yoga for detox, walking meditation, nutrition, and more.


The Inner Harmony Approach to Personal Transformation

September 21-22

This two-day workshop integrating spiritual concepts, mind-body techniques, breathing practices, yoga and meditation.  Research studies have adequately verified the beneficial impact of these ancient practices on mind, body and spirit.  When integrated with a holistic perspective on life’s challenges, these physical and spiritual techniques lead program participants to a state of higher and happier functioning in all areas of their lives.  The workshop includes materials and support systems designed to facilitate a regular daily practice incorporating these techniques, with the intention of deepening and expanding the workshop experience.