IH Approach

The world is transforming in our lifetime, old systems are no longer functional and are collapsing. Different solutions and ways of living and being are being urgently demanded of us. 

What is needed is a different consciousness, a more evolved understanding of who we are and how we can develop a capacity to live from and express that expanded level of awareness.

The Inner Harmony Approach provides a unique developmental path for the 21st century, blending ancient practices with contemporary research and spiritual understanding.  The Approach is a synthesis of Peter Amato’s personal journey, work and study in recovery, wellness, meditation, yoga, spirituality, and developmental psychology.

The Inner Harmony Approach introduces a new and deeper understanding of human development and practices that empower the participants to live full, joyful and successful lives from a stage of expanded cognitive, emotional and spiritual functioning. By purposefully harmonizing an individual’s mind, body, and spirit, the Approach shapes a refreshing and exhilarating perspective on life.

The Inner Harmony Approach is offered in several formats:

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